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Day 1

Welcome to our Remote Learning!


Welcome to day one of our Year 5 unscheduled home learning page.


If you are reading this, it means that we cannot complete our learning at school today. However, we have put together below a range of learning resources and activities for you to complete at home


Today, we recommend you try to keep to as regular a schedule as you can - this helps you stay in the swing of things! We've set out the work to help you with this, though the work can be done in any order you wish.


Be sure to stay hydrated and take activity breaks through the day.



Now that we've learnt how to calculate equivalent fractions and to add and subtract fractions with the same and different denominators, we are going to spend some time practising what we know to secure our learning. 


Please work your way through the following lesson from the Oak Academy (just click the picture to visit the website).  When you have completed the lesson you can work through as many of the following activities as you can in the time available (you don't need to print them out don't worry). 



Tip: Some of the worksheets have different levels of activity so please choose the challenge that's right for you! The answers are at the end of each attachment so you can check your own work.

You are not expected to complete everything, choose the area of fractions that you would most like to practice and work at the pace that's best for you!




Spend at least 15 minutes reading today. When you are done, make a prediction about what will happen next in your book. If you would like, draw a full-page illustration of what has happened in the section of your book that you've read.




For your grammar work today, please complete the work on the link below.


Oak academy Grammar work 



What constitutes a healthy diet?


Please click on the link above and follow the Oak Academy lesson.





To help you keep active, follow a Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move video or two, found on the link below (choose from the playlist). Make sure you clear enough space before you start.