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At Fermor, we recognise the important role computing has in preparing all young people to take part in a rapidly developing society where both work and leisure require a good level of computer knowledge.

Following the National Curriculum guidelines, our computing curriculum is based around the following core strands:

  • Information Technology - The use of computers to create, process, store and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information.

  • Digital Literacy – The ability to find, evaluate and clearly communicate information through typing and other media on a range of digital platforms.

  • Computer Science – The ability to design new software, solve computing problems and develop different ways to use technology.



Sir Henry Fermor School: Whole School, Computing Overview


Within our computing curriculum, we teach e-safety through discrete lessons at the start of the school year and within our other computing units.

As a school, we have a long tradition of participating in the annual Safer Internet Day, which this academic year fell on Tuesday 7th February 2023. During this national event, schools dedicate a whole day to celebrating the opportunities given to us by modern technology and the internet, while raising awareness of how to access these safely.



Safer Internet Day 2023

On Tuesday 7th February, all year groups across the school celebrated Safer Internet Day which had the theme of "Want to talk about it?" 

The day started with an assembly to ensure that every child was aware of the purpose of the day, whilst giving them the opportunity to consider the good, and more challenging aspects of living so much of our lives online today.

The day then proceeded with lessons which included discussions about safe internet use and gave opportunities for the children to share their broad knowledge of online safety with others.


It was encouraging to hear online safety being talked about with passion in every class during the day. A range of activities took place during the day including: Research being conducted, statistics being shared, graphs drawn, quizzes completed, internet searches being carried out and posters and leaflets made.


We were so impressed by the knowledge of the children that we created a short video with their responses to some key questions. This is available underneath the slideshow of photos.


Safer Internet Day Film 2023