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Sir Henry Fermor

Church of England Primary School

Tel: 01892 652405

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Musical Theatre Club

Musical Theatre club is run by Olivia Piper owner of Radiant Artistry. Children are welcome to go straight to the KS1 hall from 3.15pm however the club officially begins from 3.45 – 5.15pm. This is due to the club being open to the public and as some schools don’t close till 3.30pm, time had to be set aside for travel. Whilst the children wait for the session to begin and members to arrive, they can get changed into dance appropriate clothing and have a snack.


Musical theatre club consists of Drama, Dance and Singing where they will learn various techniques and work on various styles in each discipline to make them a well-rounded performer. There is a large focus on boosting self-confidence, encouraging group interaction, releasing and developing creativity whilst bettering their abilities in all three art forms.


If you would like to book this club for your child then please click here