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Welcome to Sir Henry Fermor Primary School now a proud member of the Tenax Schools Trust


Welcome to our school website.  For more than two hundred and fifty years, Sir Henry Fermor Church of England Primary School has been committed to serving its community.



At Sir Henry Fermor we seek to inspire all, children and adults, so that they aspire to achieve to the highest of standards and know how to reach them.


We believe that there are no ceilings on what our staff and children can become, as we are known and valued by a loving God.  We seek to follow Christ's example.


We expect excellence from all.  All should aim high, show love, care and respect so that we all flourish.

Each class has a little red IBA bag for Inspire, believe, Achieve displayed on the classroom wall. We use them regularly to refresh our expectations and encourage children to build Fermor Foundations. In the bags at the moment are four small items as symbols of our values. As the year goes on, we will add about 5 or 6 more symbols to the bags building on the suggestions of the children.

Currently we have:

A Lego brick (Inspire) – this shows that anyone can make inspiring things through their learning. Each bit of a child’s learning is a building block towards making an inspiring person. There are no limits on what you can make of yourself. What learning might each child build each day?

A Cross (Believe) – this reminds us that we believe in the ways Jesus taught us that everyone is special, and in the Christian teachings about how, if we respect one another and care for each other, we show love for God and the world of creation. It also tells us that, even if we don’t believe in God, we should use the cross to remind us to have faith in our ability to improve and be good at something, to believe in ourselves.

The Olympics 2012 Playing card (Achieve) – This reminds us that, if we aim high and persevere, believe in ourselves and work together in the same spirit as the Olympics, then we can be the best we can be. It also reminds us that true achievement and reward come from consistent effort.

A Tiny Bee (Work together and Persevere) – Bees are very good at working as a team to collect pollen, build their hives and make honey. They are always busy and persevere through all weathers. This symbol is there to remind children to work together and never give up so it covers some of the key Growth Mindset ideas

In addition the school has a monthly value linked to its programme of worship, PSHE and RE teaching. These are: Creativity, Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Sacrifice, Growth Mindset, Humility & Pride, Interdependence & independence, Fellowship and Faith.

Within these areas, our School Improvement Plan sets where we will concentrate our focus for the current year.  When we refresh our plan each year we take into account all the data that we have on children’s achievement and feedback from the school community, along with initiatives set by local and national governments.

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