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Science at Sir Henry Fermor is an engaging subject where the children are encouraged to be scientists so to investigate and understand everyday scientific phenomena. Through different types of scientific enquiry, children will be able to explore and appreciate the how and the why that surrounds science in the world around us. 

Science teaching and learning will focus on:

  • all types of scientific enquiry so children can develop skills to help them carry out a particular enquiry and recognise which type of enquiry is best to help answer their question   
  • to come up with their own question to investigate which is linked to their pupil voice sheet of what they want to find out, and then decide the best way to find out by using Look, Book and Test (choosing the best scientific enquiry for the task.)
  • STEM. During the year, children will have terms where they are involved in STEM science. This means an opportunity to revisit previous or new learning as well as encouraging creativity through cross curricular learning. It's an opportunity to choose and use a scientific enquiry not yet explored.
  •  To encourage the use of scientific language in their written work and discussion.
  • All science learning to be put into context so children can relate their learning and experiences to real life. This means their learning will have a greater impact on them as scientists and encourage them to ask more questions.   


Throughout their time at Fermor, children will revisit most topics, building on their existing knowledge to create a deeper understanding of the subject. From Early years, to Year 6, there are opportunities for exploration and investigation with children at the centre of everything we do so to inspire, believe and achieve.