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Science at Sir Henry Fermor Primary School

Science at Fermor encourages questioning, a knowledge of the world around us, and an enthusiastic understanding of everyday scientific phenomena. From outer space and understanding forces; to making electrical circuits, dissecting flowers and working in our own forest area. Fermor children become scientists and are encouraged to explore and appreciate how and why things happen. We aim to Inspire, Believe and Achieve through science.

The basic principles for the teaching and learning of Science at Fermor:

Practical and hands-on: Science teaching and learning uses practical hands-on resources.

Range of enquiry: Children develop a full range of enquiry skills. Teachers are confident teaching enquiry and understand progression.

Subject knowledge: Teachers show an interest in science. Concepts and knowledge are firmly secured for both children and teachers. Common pupil misconceptions are known.

Exciting: Teachers are creative and imaginative in their approach to teaching science. Children are excited about their learning in science.

Real life: Science provision relates to real life contexts and experiences. This includes working in an outdoor environment and trips.

Questions: Children are encouraged to be curious and pose questions. They have the opportunity to answer their own questions through practical enquiry.

Language: Children have a secure understanding of key vocabulary and use it with precision and confidence. They will be taught correct and mature vocabulary from an early age.

Curriculum links: links are made across the curriculum to enhance and promote scientific understanding.

Progress: All children make progress in their scientific knowledge and skills. Good use is made of assessment to inform further teaching.

Famous Scientists: Children are aware of famous scientists, their fields of work and their impact on society.

Future: Children see themselves as scientists; they are aware of the role of science in daily life and are aware that science offers opportunities for future jobs.

The Science curriculum at Fermor ensures that all children learn what is outlined in the National Curriculum. It has also been planned to enable teachers and children to build on knowledge and skills from one year to the next, so that learning makes sense and is progressive and built upon. At the heart of all scientific teaching is the children’s natural curiosity and growing sense of the world around them. It is our aim to mould inquisitive, forward thinking minds and to support all children in their understanding of why things happen.

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