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Class values

Our motto at Sir Henry Fermor is ‘inspire, believe, achieve’.


We believe that children should be inspired by their learning. Our aim is to encourage our children to believe in their ability to succeed. This positivity will develop their confidence and enable them to reach their full potential and rise to the challenges they will face in their journey through primary school.


Here at Sir Henry Fermor, we believe primary school is a pinnacle time for children to grow into upstanding and respectable members of the community. Children leave Sir Henry Fermor as rounded individuals, ready for the next stage in their life. We therefore put great emphasis on both Christian and British values in order to support and nurture all the children under our care.


So as to encourage an understanding of this, each year group has values on which to focus: Year group values are centred around the 9 Fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


The fruits of the spirit can be found in the book of Galatians, which was written by the apostle, Paul to the people of Galatia (part of modern-day Turkey).  His message was direct on how the Galatians should be living in the image of Christ.   We can use his teachings today to encourage each other to pursue a life of holiness, not in our own strength but in the knowledge of God’s empowering grace in our lives.


Year group and class

Fruit of the Spirit

R - Hedgehogs


R - Owls














Goodness and Faithfulness




Gentleness and Self-control


We believe it is vital to understand the importance each of these values have in our everyday lives and how they can help shape our children, as a member of the wider society.


Each classroom has a display promoting their value. During each monthly year group worship in the church, both classes present their specific values to the congregation. Children who are seen to be embodying these values will be rewarded with a Fermor Merit or presented with a certificate in our celebration assembly which takes place on a Friday.